A book series promoted and organized by the European Society for Photobiology

Series Editors:

Lesley E. Rhodes
Photobiology Unit, Dermatological Sciences,
University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

Evelyne Sage
Institut Curie, Paris, France

Massimo Trotta, Coordinator
CNR Institute for Chemical and Physical Processes, Bari, Italy

The book series aims at covering selected aspects of the interaction between light and living matter, ranging from the photophysical events following the absorption of photons by endogenous or exogenous constituents of biological systems to the large variety of effects caused by UV, visible and near-IR wavelengths at a supramolecular, cellular and tissue level. Focus is placed on strategies for protection of ecosystems and plant, animal, human beings against photodamage, as well as on the use of light as an information carrier or a beneficial tool in the field of medicine and environment. An in-depth description of novel emerging topics, such as the use of nanotechnologies in photobiology or the advent of sophisticated time- and space-resolved spectroscopic and microscopic techniques, is also provided. Every effort is made for ensuring a high quality critical review of the state-of-the-art and prospective developments for the individual subjects.

The European Society for Photobiology actively promotes this books series as a part of its commitments for expanding the scope of photobiology and attracting the attention of the scientific and medical community to the high potential and value of this branch of science at both an academic, industrial and social level.

Please contact the Book Series Coordinator Massimo Trotta for questions and proposals for new books.

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So far the following books have been published:
DNA Photodamage: From Light Absorption to Cellular Responses and Skin Cancer
Ed. Roberto Improta, Thierry Douki
RSC, Cambridge (2021), pp.346, ISBN 978-1-83916-196-4
Prebiotic Photochemistry: From Urey–Miller-like Experiments to Recent Findings
Ed. Franz Saija, Giuseppe Cassone
RSC, Cambridge (2021), pp.308, ISBN 978-1-83916-177-3
Cutaneous Photoaging
Ed. Rachel E B Watson, Christopher E M Griffiths
RSC, Cambridge (2019), pp.395, ISBN 978-1-78801-126-6
Optogenetics: Light-driven Actuators and Light-emitting Sensors in Cell Biology
Ed. Sophie Vriz, Takeaki Ozawa
RSC, Cambridge (2019), pp.295, ISBN 978-1-78801-237-9
Light in Forensic Science: Issues and Applications
Ed. Giorgia Miolo, Jacqueline L Stair, Mire Zloh
RSC, Cambridge (2018), pp.431, ISBN 978-1-78262-768-5
Microalgal Hydrogen Production: Achievements and Perspectives
Ed. Michael Seibert, Giuseppe Torzillo
RSC, Cambridge (2018), pp.496, ISBN 978-1-84973-672-5
Photodynamic Medicine: From Bench to Clinic
Herwig Kostron, Tayyaba Hasan
RSC, Cambridge (2016), pp.650, ISBN 978-1-78262-451-6
Singlet Oxygen: Applications in Biosciences and Nanosciences
Ed. S. Nonell, C. Flors
RSC, Cambridge (2016), pp.798, ISBN 978-1-78262-696-1
Surface Water Photochemistry
Ed. P. Calza, D. Vione
RSC, Cambridge (2015), pp.297, ISBN 978-1-78262-043-3
Photodynamic Inactivation of Microbial Pathogens - Medical and Environmental Applications
Ed. M.R. Hamblin, G. Jori
RSC, Cambridge (2011), pp.450, ISBN 978-1-84973-144-7
Primary Processes of Photosynthesis – Part 1
Ed. G. Renger
RSC, Cambridge (2008), pp. 474, ISBN 0-85404-369-9
Primary Processes of Photosynthesis – Part 2
Ed. G. Renger
RSC, Cambridge (2008), pp.570, ISBN 0-85404-236-4
Biophysical and Physiological Effects of Solar Radiation on Human Skin
Ed. P.U. Giacomoni
RSC, Cambridge (2007), pp. 341, ISBN 0-85404-289-0
Photodynamic Therapy with ALA – A Clinical Handbook
Ed. R. Pottier, B. Krammer, H. Stepp and R. Baumgartner
RSC, Cambridge (2006), pp. 276,  ISBN 0-85404-341-1
Flavins: Photochemistry and Photobiology
Ed. E. Silva and A.M. Edwards
RSC, Cambridge (2006), pp. 328, ISBN 0-85404-331-4
From DNA Lesions to Mutations, Skin Cancer and Cell Death
Ed. E. Sage, R. Drouin and M. Rouabhia
RSC, Cambridge (2005), pp. 311, ISBN 0-85404-326-8
Lasers and Current Optical Techniques in Biology
Ed. G. Palumbo and R. Pratesi
RSC, Cambridge (2004), pp. 658, ISBN 0-85404-321-7
Photoreceptors and Light Signalling
Ed. A. Batschauer
RSC, Cambridge (2003), pp. 388, ISBN 0-85404-311-X
Photodynamic Therapy
Ed. T. Patrice
RSC, Cambridge (2003), pp. 384, ISBN 0-85404-306-3