About ESP

The primary aims of the Society are to co-ordinate and promote all aspects of photobiology in Europe in a way which will optimise the achievements of European photobiology across a range of scientific, technological and medical arenas. Such developments include liaison with and encouragement of photobiologists in other parts of the world. These aims are achieved through publication of a peer-reviewed journal, Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences (PPS), the organisation of a biennial Congress, the holding of regional meetings within Europe, and providing support for meetings outside Europe. Educational opportunities for younger scientists form an important part of the society´s activities and include workshops, exchange study visits between research institutions and scholarships opportunities for attending conferences. ESP is also working towards the establishment of European Union PhD programmes.

In order to make ESP accessible to all interested photobiologists, there has been increased focus on the dissemination of information through the setting up of a dedicated website (which will also function as the website for the biennial congresses and other activities), and publication of books and other materials. ESP also wishes to continue to promote joint activities between relevant societies in the form of co-hosting of symposia speakers at congresses in order to promote cross-society contact and collaboration.