13th ESP 2009 - Wroclaw, Poland, September 5/10, 2009

Plenary Lectures

Michael Grätzel (Switzerland) - Molecular photovoltaic cells mimic photosynthesis

Zvi Malik (Israel) - ALA-PDT efficacy: dependence on tissue specific variability of the PpIX synthesis pathway

Peter Herrlich (Germany) - Endogenous regulators of cellular signal transduction and their interplay with radiation

Gareth Jenkins (UK) - Plant UV perception, signaling and response


Activation of the immune system by PDT - Chair: Jakub Golab (Poland)

Advanced techniques in fluorescence imaging - Chair: Angelika Rück (Germany)

Classical and novel photoreceptors in circadian vision - Non-visual photoreceptors - Chair: Carlo Musio (Italy)

Cellular and molecular effects of Infrared, Visible and UV radiation - Chairs: Patrizia Agostinis (Belgium), Jean Krutmann (Germany), Rex M. Tyrrell (UK)

Damaging effects of photooxidative stress at the cellular and molecular level - Chair: Albert W. Girotti (USA)

Immuno-PDT (EU Consortium) - Chairs: Dario Neri (Switzerland), Ross Boyle (UK)

Involvement of ROS in UV effects (ESP-ASP symposium) - Chairs: Irene E. Kochevar (USA), Rex M. Tyrrell (UK)

Mechanisms related to systemic photoprotection - Chair: Homer Black (USA), Lesley E. Rhodes (UK)

Molecular and cellular aspects of PDT - Chairs: Zvi Malik (Israel), Jacques Piette (Belgium)

Nanotechnology in photobiology and photomedicine - Chairs: Paola Taroni (Italy), Gang Zheng (Canada)

New drugs and drug delivery technologies for PDT (ESP-EPPM Symposium) - Chairs: Kristian Berg (Norway), David Russell (UK)

New structures and new mechanisms for light sensing - Chair: Aba Losi (Italy)

New topics in photodermatology (ESP-ESPD Symposium) - Chairs: Stefan Beissert (USA), Peter Wolf (Austria)

PDT to treat microbial infections (ESP-EPPM Symposium) - Chair: Giulio Jori (Italy)

Photobiological techniques for the environment - Chair: Francesco Ghetti (Italy)

Photochemical and photobiological methods for solar energy conversion (ESP-EPA Symposium) - Chairs: Nicola Angelini (Italy), Dario Bassani (France)

Photofunctional proteins: from understanding to engineering - Chairs: Santi Nonell (Spain), Cristiano Viappiani (Italy)

Photoimmunology and photocarcinogenesis - Chair: Vivienne E. Reeve (Australia)

Photomorphogenesis and photo-induced growth patterns - Chair: Pill-Soon Song (Republic of Korea)

Photomovements of microorganisms - Chair: Francesco Lenci (Italy)

Photosensitization - Biophysical, photophysical and spectroscopic aspects - Chair: Benjamin Ehrenberg (Israel)

Photostability, photochemistry and phototoxicity of drugs (ESP-Photostability Group Symposium) - Chairs: Miguel Miranda (Spain), Hanne Hjorth Tönnesen (Norway)

Plant photobiology and climate change - Chair: Janet F. Bornman (New Zealand)

Pre-clinical PDT for cancer - Chairs: Tayyaba Hasan (USA), Henricus J.C.M. Sterenborg (The Netherlands)

Sun, Sunscreens and Skin Cancer - Chair: Antony R. Young (UK)

Sunlight exposure and vitamin D - Towards a healthy balance - Chair: Frank R. de Grujil (The Netherlands)

UV repair deficiency and human diseases - Chair: Alain Sarasin (France)

UV-induced DNA damage, repair and mutagenesis - Chair: Evelyn Sage (France)

EPPM Symposia

Light in PDT: sources, delivery and dosimetry - Chairs: Harry Moseley (UK), Hrvoje Zorc (Croatia)

New frontiers in photodynamic medicine (EPPM-ESP Symposium) - Chairs: Piotr Ziolkwski (Poland), Ron Allison (USA)

PDPDT Respiratory - Chairs: Harubumi Kato (Japan), J. Andrew (UK), C. Thorpe (UK)

PDT - Head and neck - Chairs: Colin Hopper (UK), Heinrich Walt (Switzerland)

PDT in Dermatology - Chairs: Alexis Sidoroff (Austria), Sally Ibbotson (UK)

PDT in Gastroenterology/Hepatology - Chairs: Herbert C. Wolfsen (USA), J. Andrew (UK), C. Thorpe (UK)

PDT in Neurosurgery - Chairs: K Moghissi (UK), Herwig Kostron (Austria)

PDT in Urology/Gyneacology - Chair: Yoram Salomon (Israel)

Photodetection and techniques for medical diagnosis, guided therapy and monitoring (EPPM-ESP Symposium) - Chairs: George Wagnieres (Switzerland), Alexis Sieron (Poland)