13th ESP 2009 - Wroclaw, Poland, September 5/10, 2009

Information for sponsors and exhibitors

The European Society for Photobiology (ESP) is a scientific organisation for those working in the fields of basic, applied and clinical photobiology.

Established in 1986 during the first Congress held in Grenoble, the Society, through its official journal Photochemistry and Photobiology Sciences and the organisation of meetings, schools and workshops, is an international forum for scientific discussion and exchange of information in the various fields of Photobiology and promotes:

  • Contacts between photobiologists and photobiology groups in Europe and worldwide.
  • Commitments in Photobiology of governmental and industrial institutions for scientific research.
  • Use of available resources to facilitate collaborative research among members.

The ESP Congress is a biennial event.

The next congress will be held in Wroclaw (Poland), at the Faculty of Law, University of Wroclaw, Uniwersytecka street 30; 50-145 Wroclaw, Poland. (Please see at the end of this page or at the page http://www.wroclaw.pl/ms/english/ for information about Wroclaw, its University and the Faculty of Law).

At least 500 registered participants are expected to attend the meeting.

In general, participants are interested in:

instrumentation such as

  • UV and visible light sources, lasers
  • monochromators, filters
  • fibre optics, radiometers
  • microscopes
  • imaging systems
  • sunglasses and radiation safety tools

cosmetics and drugs such as:

  • photoprotective medicines
  • antiaging and antioxidant products
  • sunscreens

as well as scientific literature, general laboratory and medical equipment, software.

Congress location and exhibition area


The city of Wroclaw, capital of Lower Silesia, is located on the Odra river banks. Wroclaw is a very old city and was mentioned for the first time in 1000 in relation to the establishment of a bishopric. The city is dominated by numerous church towers and has many bridges from wooden to stone and iron ones. It is also full of green. Five rivers meet together in Wroclaw. There are many Gothic and Baroque monuments including St.John the Baptist Cathedral, which was founded in year 1000 and since then rebuilt many times. There are two main historical centres in Wroclaw: Tumski Island, with the Cathedral and Gothic churches, and the Old Town, with the marvellous Market Square, the Salt Square and the Town Hall.
The climate in September is mild with temperatures up to 25°C and occasional showers. With over 700.000 inhabitants Wroclaw is one of the largest cities in Poland and a very popular tourist destination; with its 10 universities it is also one of the main cultural and scientific centres.
In July 20, 1505 the king of Bohemia and Hungary signed the foundation deed of the University of Wroclaw.
The Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy is part of this University an its New Building is the venue of ESP 2009 Congress.

Exhibition area:

The exhibition area will occupy space in the New Building of the Faculty of Law. It means that the exhibition area will be located in the very heart of the Congress venue, next to the registration office, main lecture hall, poster area and coffee breaks. The space for an exhibitor will be 2x2 m (4 sq.m) equipped with tables, chairs and electricity supply.

The fee for holding an exhibition stand will be:

300 Euro per day but the price is negotiable if larger than standard exhibition space is required or

1000 Euro for the whole meeting, from Saturday afternoon, 5th September to the afternoon of Wednesday 9th September.

Exhibitions should be set up on Saturday afternoon, 5th September and be removed by the end of the afternoon on Wednesday 9th September.

Important dates:

Submission of an advertisement to be published in the final programe and abstract book July the 29th send to: Piotr Ziółkowsky or Krzysztof Symonowicz and Francesco Ghetti (see addresses at the end of this page).

Sponsorship and contribution opportunities

  1. Sponsorship of the Gala dinner (banquet) to be held in the Mercure Panorama Hotel on Tuesday 8 September.
  2. Sponsorship of the Welcome reception to be held at the Old University (Aula Leopoldinum and Oratorium Marianum) on Saturday 5 September.
  3. Sponsorship of a plenary lecture (approximately 500 participants) or a symposium (attendance varies 50-150).
  4. Sponsorship of an invited symposium speaker.
  5. Sponsorship of one or more fellowships for students and young researchers.
  6. Sponsorship for provision of conference bags.

The list of plenary lectures and symposia which will be held at the congress is at the page http://www.esp-photobiology.it/2009congress/symposia.html

According to sponsorship, advertisement opportunities will exist in the form of:

  • Conference bag with the congress and company logo.
  • Advertisement in the final programme and abstract book.
  • Recognition of sponsorship in the programme.
  • Prominent recognition on the ESP web-page.
  • Free congress registration.

For further information, please contact:

Local contacts:

Piotr Ziółkowsky, Local Chairman
Department of Pathology and Clinical Cytology
Wroclaw Medical University
ul.Marcinkowskiego 1
50-368 Wroclaw, Poland
Tel: +48 (0) 71 784 1225; Fax: +48 (0) 71 784 0057
e-mail: ziolkows@interia.pl


Krzysztof Symonowicz, Local Organizer
Department of Pathology and Clinical Cytology
Wroclaw Medical University, ul.Marcinkowskiego 1
50-368 Wroclaw, Poland
Tel: +48 (0) 71 784 1225; Fax: +48 (0) 71 784 0057
e-mail: krzysztof@symonowicz.pl

ESP contacts:

Kristian Berg, ESP President
Dept. of Radiation Biology
The Norwegian Radium Hospital
Montebello, Oslo, N-0310 Norway
Tel: +47 22 93 42 60; Fax: +47 22 93 42 70; Mob: +47 40 87 35 49
e-mail: Kristian.Berg@rr-research.no

Angelika R¨ck, ESP Secretary
Institut for Lasertechnologies in Medicine (ILM)
Helmholtzstrasse 12
Ulm, D-89081 Germany
Tel: +49 731 142916; Fax: +49 731 142942
e-mail: angelika.rueck@ilm.uni-ulm.de

Francesco Ghetti, ESP Treasurer
CNR Istituto di Biofisica
Via G. Moruzzi 1
Pisa, I-56124 Italy
Tel: +39 050 3152764; Fax: +39 050 3152760
e-mail: francesco.ghetti@pi.ibf.cnr.it