13th ESP 2009 - Wroclaw, Poland, September 5/10, 2009


The organizers came to an agreement with the following hotels with regard to the number of rooms they will keep and reserve at no charge. In the list the number of rooms and the deadline for reservation are reported. After these dates the registration cannot be guaranteed, but it still will be possible depending on available rooms. The location of the hotels and hostels can be found on the web-site http://www.wroclaw-life.com/map/map.php by searching on the hotel/hostel or the address as indicated below. Fixed prices are also indicated for some of the hotels/hostels.

In order to facilitate booking and to be identified as congress participant by the hotels, please write "ESP2009" directly before your family name when filling booking/reservation forms or sending an e-mail to the hotels. This does not apply to the Park Plaza, for which there is a special form to download (please see below), and for the "Ołówek" and "Kredka" Hostels, for which Professor Piotr Ziółkowski is the contact person for reservation (please see below).

  • Hotel Savoy ( www.savoy.wroc.pl), Address: Pl. Kościuszki, (9 rooms single and double; 1 August). Single room: 150 PLN (130 Friday-Sunday); Double room: 180 PLN (160 PLM Friday-Sunday).
  • Hotel Wieniawa (www.wieniawahotel.pl), Address: Gajowicka 130 (10 single and 10 double; 3 August). Single rooms: 170 PLN; Double rooms: 220 PLN.
  • Hotel Park Plaza ( www.polhotels.com/Wroclaw/HPPark), Address: Drobnera 11/13 (80 single and 40 double; 1 June: PLEASE USE THE ATTACHED RESERVATION ORDER)
  • Patio Hotel (http://www.hotelpatio.pl), Address: Kiełbaśnicza 24 (10 rooms single and double; 1 July)
  • Europeum Hotel (http://www.europeum.pl), Address: Kazimierza Wielkiego 27A (5 single and 15 double; 5 August)
  • Hotel Zaułek (www.hotelzaulek.pl), Address: Garbary 11 (18 places in single/double rooms; 1 June)
  • "Ołówek" ("Pencil") and "Kredka" ("Crayon") Hostels, Address: pl. Grunwaldzki (80 single (75 PLN) and 35 double rooms (129 PLN); 6 July) (for information www.junglebook.uni.wroc.pl/node/84; for reservation please contact Professor Piotr Ziółkowski ziolkows@interia.pl or ziolkows@anpat.am.wroc.pl)
  • Orbis Hotels (www.orbis.pl/en):
    Sofitel, Address: św. Mikołaja 67 (50 rooms; 30 April)
    Mercure Panorama, Address: pl. Dominikański 1 (42 rooms; 30 April
    Hotel Wroclaw, Address: St. Powstańców Śląskich 7 (28 rooms; 30 April)
  • Lothus Hotel ( http://www.lothus.pl/o_hotelu_e.html), Address: Wita Stwosza 22-23 (30 places in single/double rooms; date is still negotiated)

Other hotels are: Pensjonat Jana Pawla II, Address: Św. Idziego 2 (www.hotelewpolsce.com.pl/pens-jp2.htm); Campanile Hotel, Address: Jagiełły 7 (www.campanile.com.pl/wroc_cmp); Nathan's Villa hostel, Address: Swidnicka 13 (www.nathansvilla.com); Noclegi U Szermierzy, Address: Krasińskiego 30b (www.uszermierzy.nocuj.com.pl).
However there is no particular agreement with these hotels.

More information is available on www.wroclaw.pl in English, German and French.