13th ESP 2009 - Wroclaw, Poland, September 5/10, 2009

Abstract Submission

For ESP 2009 and 2nd Conference of the EPPM

Please submit your abstract by May 11th.

Please, carefully read the following instructions before entering the abstract submission (link at the end of this page) system and starting the abstract submission procedure.


    Please download the abstract template (AbstractTemplate.rtf) and type in the abstract body only (and NOT title, authors and affiliations), using the Times New Roman font, size 9, without changing margins or page size.

    The abstract body must fit in ONE page only. Figures are not allowed in the abstract.

    Save your abstract as .rtf file.


    The first time you enter in the abstract submission system (please find the link at the end of this page) you must create a new account. Otherwise you can proceed to step 3 (see below).

    To create a new account click on "Account" and fill your profile form.

    Please be aware that all the account data (including password) can be modified later except the e-mail address, which must be unique and active because it will be the contact way from the abstract submission system.

    You will receive an email containing the confirmation of the account creation and a reminder of your username and password.

    Once the account is created you enter in your User Home Page, from which you can edit your user profile, change your password, log out for entering your abstract later or proceed with your abstract submission.


    After having logged in with your username and password, you enter your User Home Page, from which you can edit your user profile, change your password, log out for entering your abstract later or proceed with your abstract submission.

    To proceed with your abstract submission, click on "Author" to enter your Active submissions page, where you can start the submission process and see the list of your submitted abstracts.

    Click on "STEP ONE OF THE SUBMISSION PROCESS" to submit an abstract. Step 1 is the choice of an appropriate symposium. You can choose "Other" at the end of the list if you think that your abstract does not fit in any of the congress symposia. At the end of the list there is also the option "Plenary lecture" if your abstract is for a plenary lecture. In Step 1 you can also choose the type of your presentation: Invited symposium lecture, Oral presentation, Poster presentation. The Organizing Committee reminds you that the last two options are an "indication of preference" and that a presentation can be moved from oral to poster or vice-versa according to the time available in each symposium. Authors will be informed of any type change by the end of June. Before going to the next step the system reminds you how the abstract file should have been prepared and asks you to check three boxes. (Please take into account that clicking on "Cancel", the submission process can be interrupted at this point and resumed later finding the suspended abstract in the list in the Active submissions page: clicking on the abstract you can resume from where you stopped.) Clicking on "Save and continue" you enter the second step.

    Step 2 is entering the abstract metadata, i.e. author names and abstract title. These data will be used for the preparation of the book of abstracts, therefore please write them as you want they appear on the abstract book. The system enters by default the data of the account user, but they can be removed if necessary. Other authors can be added by clicking on "Add Author". Copy and paste can be used from a field to another. We ask you to kindly fill all the fields with asterisk. In the case you don’t know the e-mail address of every author or if authors of the same institution use a common e-mail address, the same e-mail address can be entered for more than one author without conflict. Author order can be arranged by means of the arrows. Contact author and presenting author can be indicated by checking the appropriate button. At the end of the page the abstract title can be entered. Clicking on "Save and continue" you enter the third step.

    Step 3 is the upload of the abstract body file. The procedure is clearly detailed in the system page. Up to this point the abstract file can be easily replaced by the user even if he/she interrupts the submission procedure clicking on "Cancel" and logs out: logging in again at any time and clicking on "Awaiting upload" in the abstract list, you re-enter the uploading page. However, once you have clicked on "Save and continue", the abstract file cannot be replaced anymore, whereas the metadata can be modified. No online editing of the already uploaded file will be saved by the abstract system. If some change has to be done in the abstract body a new file must be uploaded starting again the submission procedure. If this occurs, please write to Francesco Ghetti (francesco.ghetti@pi.ibf.cnr.it) and specify which one is the correct submission and which one is to be deleted.

    The final step is the confirmation of the entire submission procedure.

    If the instructions have been properly followed, once the submission is complete, the system will send a Submission acknowledgement to the User e-mail address.

    For any problem with these instructions, please contact Francesco Ghetti (francesco.ghetti@pi.ibf.cnr.it).

    To submit an abstract please go to ESP2009 and EPPM Abstract Submission System