Plenary lectures

Scott Byrne (Australia)
Targeting UV-Activated Regulatory B Cells for Immunotherapy

Joan E. Roberts (USA)
Ocular photobiology

Jean-David Rochaix (Switzerland)
Role of protein kinases and phosphatases in the assembly and dynamics of photosynthetic complexes

David A. Russell (UK)
Photosensitiser-nanoparticle conjugates for targeted photodynamic therapy

Juan C. (Tito) Scaiano (Canada)
Using photochemistry to make nanoparticles, and nanoparticles to direct catalytic and biochemical behavior

Eric Vauthey (Switzerland)
Excited-state dynamics of multichromophoric molecules: from DNA probing to artificial photosynthesis (ESP/EPA Lecture)


Blue-light photoreceptors: structure, function, applications, new trends
Chair(s): Aba Losi (Italy), Andreas Möglich (Germany)

Environmental applications of photosynthetic organisms
Chair(s): Peter Maroti (Hungary), Massimo Trotta (Italy)

From the lab to the real world: metagenomics, microchips and bioinformatics in the field of photosensory biology
Chair(s): Wolfgang Gärtner (Germany)

Molecular and cellular aspects of PDT
Chair(s): Zvi Malik (Israel), Jacques Piette (Belgium)

Molecular and cellular effects of UVA
Chair(s): Evelyne Sage (France), Rex Tyrrell (UK)

Molecular imaging in translational research
Chair(s): Norbert Lange (Switzerland), Gang Zheng (Canada)

Nanotechnology: from photochemistry to photomedicine
Chair(s): Alexander J. MacRobert (UK), Elena Reddi (Italy)

New drugs and drug delivery for PDT
Chair(s): Kristian Berg (Norway), Norbert Lange (Switzerland)

PDT and vascular targeting
Chair(s): Tayyaba Hasan (USA), Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska (Switzerland)

PDT for skin cancer: present and future (ESP/ASP Joint Symposium)
Chair(s): Ed Maytin (USA), Lesley Rhodes (UK), Rolf-Markus Szeimies (Germany),

PDT to treat microbial infections
Chair(s): Michael R. Hamblin (USA), Mark Wainwright (UK)

Photoaging - mechanisms and reversal
Chair(s): Sewon Kang (USA), Rachel Watson (UK)

Photobiology and environment
Chair(s): Francesco Ghetti (Italy), Giulio Jori (Italy)

Photodermatological advances of the 21st Century (ESP/ESPD Joint Symposium)
Chair(s): John Hawk (UK), Giovanni Leone (Italy), Marie-Claude Marguery (France)

Chair(s): Jakub Golab (Poland), Vivienne Reeve (Australia)

Chair(s): Ida Ruberti (Italy)

Photosensitization - Biophysical, photophysical and spectroscopic aspects
Chair(s): Benjamin Ehrenberg (Israel), Santi Nonell (Spain)

Photostability, photochemistry and phototoxicity of drugs (ESP/Photostability Group joint symposium)
Chair(s): Miguel A. Miranda (Spain), Hanne H. Tønnesen (Norway)

Plant photobiology and climate change
Chair(s): Janet F. Bornman (New Zealand)

Research insights in the photosensitivity disorders
Chair(s): Alex Anstey (UK), Francois Aubin (France)

Sphingolipids as mediators of light-tissue interaction
Chair(s): Mladen Korbelik (USA), Duska Separovic (USA)

State of the art of phototherapy
Chair(s): Sally Ibbotson (UK), Peter Wolf (Austria)

Sunlight exposure, sunbeds and vitamin D
Chair(s): Frank de Gruijl (The Netherlands), Ann Webb (UK)

Systemic photoprotection
Chair(s): Albena Dinkova-Kostova (UK), Lesley Rhodes (UK)

The impact of climatic and environmental factors on personal UV radiation exposure and human health
Chair(s): Ann Webb (UK), Antony R. Young (UK)

Topical sunscreens: assessment of efficacy and impact
Chair(s): Nikiforos Kollias (USA), J. Frank Nash (USA)

UVA and photooxidative stress
Chair(s): Paolo di Mascio (Brazil), Albert W. Girotti (USA)

UV-induced DNA damage, repair, mutagenesis and carcinogenesis
Chair(s): Frank de Gruijl (The Netherlands), Thierry Douki (France)