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ASP 2018 Biennial Meeting
12-15 May 2018, Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina, FL, USA

Visit the conference mini-website for complete information.

Abstract submission form now open (deadline March 14, 2018)
Registration now open (early registration deadline April 12, 2018
Preliminary program now online.

This meeting will feature, among other highlights:

Keynote lectures by: Wolfgang Gaertner (Leipzig, Germany; Sunday, May 13); Tayyaba Hasan (Boston, USA; Monday, May 14); Rutao Cui (Boston, USA; Tuesday, May 15)

Celebratory symposium: 55 Years Photochemistry and Photobiology (Jean Cadet & Irene Kochevar, co-chairs; Monday, May 14).
Confirmed speakers: Ana Moore (Tempe, USA), Jim Cleaver (San Francisco, USA), Gonzalo Cosa (Montreal, Canada), David Kessel (Detroit, USA), John Spudich (Houston, USA)

ASP-ESP joint symposium: Cutaneous DNA damage: new insights and approaches from translational human studies (Lesley Rhodes, Manchester, UK and Marcus Cooke, Miami, USA; co-chairs; Monday, May 14). Confirmed speakers: Marcus Cooke (Miami, USA), Thierry Douki (Grenoble, France), Patrick Rochette (Quebec, Canada), Mike Kemp (Ohio, USA), Lesley Rhodes (Manchester, UK)

Special sessions that include: Organic and inorganic photochemistry of functional materials: A Panamerican perspective (Alec Greer, Lisa Kelly; co-chairs); Direct and Sensitized Photochemistry in Biological Molecules (Carlos Crespo, USA & Andrés Thomas, Argentina; co-chairs; May 13); UVA and Beyond: Frontiers in Photodamage and Photoprotection (Eduardo Ruvolo, Bayer, US & Iltefat Hamzavi, US; co-chairs; May 15); The skin exposome: From environmental exposure to biological response (Ariane Dimitrov, L’OREAL, France & Georg Wondrak, USA; co-chairs; May 15); ASP Associate member scientific symposium (chaired by the winners of the 2017 online symposium: Michael Pigula, Harvard Medical School & Regina DiScipio, Case Western Reserve University; May 13)

Other confirmed session chairs: Thierry Douki, John-Stephen Taylor, Beth Gaillard, Patrick Rochette, Keith Cengel, Theresa Busch, Imran Rizvi, Jonathan Lovell, Jin Xie, Yu-Ying He, Mike Davies, Christian Schoeneich, Sherri McFarland, Edith (Phoebe) Glazer, Tadeusz Sarna, Xiaojing Yang, Wolfgang Gaertner, Frank Gasparro, Giorgia Miolo.

Other popular events:  the ASP Associate Member pizza party, career development workshops, industry exhibits and presentations etc.
Accepted abstracts will be published in a supplemental issue of ‘Photochemistry and Photobiology







SIFB-ALPE ADRIA Meeting on Photobiology
Udine (Italy), 20-22 June 2018

The Italian Society for Photobiology (SIFB) is pleased to announce that the 2018 Annual Congress will be held in Udine from 20th to 22nd June 2018. The city is located in Northeastern Italy in the middle of the “Friuli Venezia-Giulia” region between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps very close to Austria and Slovenia. This particular area called ALPE-ADRIA allowed to extend the invitation to colleagues of Austria and Slovenia in order to improve the scientific collaborations.
The Meeting will focus on: Photosynthesis, Environmental Photobiology, Photoreception and Circadian Rhythm, Photosensors, Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy, Nanotechnology, Molecular Photodynamic Therapy, Photodiagnosis, Phototherapy, Photodermatology
The Venue of the Conference will be Palazzo Garzolini di Toppo Wasserman in Via Gemona 92, in the heart of the city.

Organizing Committee: Valentina Rapozzi and Giuseppe Stinco (University of Udine, Italy), Barbara Krammer (University of Salzburg, Austria), Igor Frangez (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Scientific Committee: Enrico Caruso, Antonino Mazzaglia, Francesco Milano, Giorgia Miolo, Giovanni Romano, Valentina Rapozzi, Marina Venturini

Deadline for early registration: 16 Marzo 2018

SIFB web site is at http://www.sifb.it/