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IVSLA International School on Nanoscale Optical Microscopy
Palazzo Franchetti, Venice, Italy, 6-9 June, 2017

Directors: Alberto Diaspro and Giorgio Giacometti
Organised by Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia under the auspices of the Italian branch of the Biophysics and Photonics Society within an ItaBi-Eurobioimaging training activity

The objective of this School is to advance the field of nanoscale optical microscopy operating at the scale of nanometres to tens of nanometres, through the exchange of information, ideas, and innovative techniques. The understanding of methods and techniques has the great potential of allowing, in the near future, for the design and performance of new exciting experiments in Biophysics, Optics and Photonics.
Confirmed Faculty:
Suzie Scarlata, Joerg Enderlein, Francesca Cella Zanacchi, Petra Schwille, Colin JR Sheppard, Pietro Ferraro, Paolo Bianchini, Giuseppe Vicidomini, Cristina Flors, George Stanciu, Tullio Pozzan, Ranieri Bizzarri, Alberto Diaspro, Cristiano Viappiani, Gail Mc Connell, Iva Tolic, Luca Lanzanò and Pio Benedetti


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13th International Conference on Tetrapyrrole Photoreceptors of Photosynthetic Organisms (ICTPPO2017)
Hyatt Lodge at McDonald's Campus, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA, 9-13 July, 2017

Chairs: Xiaojing Yang (University of Illinois at Chicago), Emina Stojkovic (Northeastern Illinois University)

ICTPPO2017 is a biennial conference that brings together the established and young scientists all over the world to discuss recent research advances, new techniques and next challenges in the field of tetrapyrrole photoreceptors.

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