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ICPP-8 International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines

22-27 June 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

As at past ICPPs, this eighth conference on porphyrins and phthalocyanines aims at gathering together numerous topics related to this exciting family of molecules. All aspects of porphyrins, phthalocyanines and related macrocycles will be discussed in the form of Plenary Lectures, Award Lectures, short oral presentations and posters over the full five-day period of the meeting.
Topics to be covered in microsymposia include the physics, chemistry, biology, material science, engineering, nanotechnology, medical and biomedical or industrial applications of porphyrins, phthalocyanines and related macrocycles.
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XV World Congress on Cancers of the Skin

September 3rd – 6th, 2014, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

The 15th World Congress on Cancers of the Skin (WCCS 2014) is to take place for the first time in the UK in the historic and picturesque city of Edinburgh, capital of Scotland. The list of speakers comprises an outstanding faculty of top molecular scientists, epidemiologists, academic and clinical dermatologists, oncologists, dermatological and plastic surgeons, public health specialists and nurses from around the world. Further, these specialists will present in four separate specialty tracks catering for every aspect of the requirements and interests of modern multidisciplinary skin cancer teams. The conference is therefore a unique opportunity for all participants interested in the fi elds mentioned above to join and interact over four days to further their personal learning. While doing so, they will also contribute signifi cantly to the major progress in understanding, treatment and patient care currently taking place in this rapidly and excitingly advancing field.
WCCS 2014 will appropriately consider all aspects of skin cancer, from their clinical, histological and genetic aspects, to how best to prevent and treat them medically, surgically and where necessary palliatively. Addressing these major issues will be the superior faculty of speakers referred to above, drawn from the UK, continental Europe, the USA, Canada, Africa, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, clearly demonstrating the thoroughly global importance of the topic.
Given the major worldwide importance to society in morbidity, mortality and cost of skin cancer, this conference is already attracting a very large number of delegates from all over the globe.
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16th International Congress on Photobiology

September 8th – 12th, 2014, Córdoba, Argentina

The President of the International Union of Photobiology, IUPB (http://www.pol-us.net/iupb/), the Chairwoman of the Organizing Committee and the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee invite you to attend the 16th International Congress of Photobiology to be held in the City of Córdoba in Argentina in September (8th to 12th) 2014, in the Campus of the University (http://www.unc.edu.ar/english). This congress is organized every five years with the last one in Duesseldorf, Germany, in 2009.
The Congress will address all areas of Photobiology such as photosensors in Archaea, Bacteria and Eucaria, photosynthesis including antennas and reaction centres, photomovement, photomorphogenesis, cryptochromes, LOV, BLUF and retinal proteins and domains, vision, circadian rhythms, environmental photobiology, UV influence on plankton, UV damage, protection and repair of DNA, photoreceptors in extremophiles (at high altitudes and in the Antarctic and Arctic regions), photoaging, photocarcinogenesis, photomedicine, synthetic and natural photosensitizers, photodynamic therapy, PUVA, vitiligo, molecular basis of the medical uses of lamps and lasers, artificial tanning, optogenetics, optical technology, photophysics and photochemistry of natural compounds, modelling photosynthesis with man-made compounds, and others. Sessions will be organized in several of these areas.
The multidisciplinary nature of the subjects treated offers the opportunity for scientists in many different disciplines, who otherwise do not often meet, such as physicists, chemists, plant physiologists, biologists, biochemists, ecologists, physicians, engineers, etc., to come together in the beautiful City of Córdoba, discuss new approaches and start new collaborative projects. The meeting should also offer the opportunity to renew long standing friendships, and to establish new ones.
During the Conference several awards will be offered, such as the Finsen Medal in Photobiology and in Photomedicine, the Finsen Award Lecture, and the Edna Roe Award Lecture.
The University of Córdoba turns 400 years old in 2013, being the oldest in Argentina. Many buildings will be renovated for this occasion. Some of the buildings erected by the Jesuits, now in the Centre of the City, very near the Campus, are part of the Jesuit legacy and have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. The City has a marvellous weather in September, is very near the mountains of the Province of Córdoba with extraordinary hiking possibilities as well as historical sites of the colonial times.
We will be delighted welcoming you in Córdoba in September 2014.
Please mark your calendar, visit the congress webpage and preregister.
Hasta pronto en Córdoba.
Henry W. Lim, President IUPB, HLIM1@hfhs.org
Silvia E. Braslavsky, Chairwoman of Organizing Committee 16th ICP 2014, braslavskys@mpi-muelheim.mpg.de
Gerardo Argüello, Chaiman of Local Organizing Committee, gerardoa@fcq.unc.edu.ar

10th International Symposium on Photodynamic Therapy and Photodiagnosis in Clinical Practice

14-18 October 2014, Brixen/Bressanone, Italy

The October 2014 PDT symposium is characterized by a special format, which will hopefully help all of us to achieve one important goal, namely to generate a mise-au-point as regards the present state of development of PDT and the foreseeable further advancements of the field during the next 5-10 years.
A synthetic outline of the history of PDT, as well as the impact of PDT in areas which are outside the conventional medical field, such as the impact of PDT on society, economics and environment, will be also provided.
Toward this aim, the following subfields of PDT have been chosen: mechanisms of PDT action, targeting of diseased tissues by photosensitisers, photodiagnosis, antimicrobial PDT, PDT in gastroenterology, lung and urology, PDT in head and neck and neurosurgery,PDT in dermatology and gynaecology.
For each topic, the scientific session will involve presentations from panel members and general discussion promoted by a coordinator. The discussion may include subjects treated in the posters.
Such a format does not include traditional short oral contributions, while poster presentations are strongly encouraged: the posters will be on display throughout the symposium and can be selected for general discussions. On each day, there will be 60 min. devoted to poster session and every session will involve discussion of posters on specific homogeneous topics.

The symposium will be immediately preceded by the Congress of the European Platform for Photodynamic Medicine to be held in the same site on October 13-14.

Please, visit the symposium webpage

Arnold Rikli Award 2014

Research Award of the Jörg Wolff-Foundation
Deadline: January 31, 2015

For photobiological investigations in relation to human beings, the Jörg Wolff-Foundation announces the awarding of the 16th Arnold Rikli Prize in the amount of 10.000 Euro for the year 2014.

The prize was originally awarded by the Institute F. Wolff of Riehen, Switzerland and first established in 1989. Jörg Wolff, the brother of the former sponsor, continues this tradition and the price is announced by the Jörg Wolff foundation every year since 2006.
The submitted reports should cover investigations on biological effects of optical ra-diation (ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation). They should be of direct signifi-cance for human medical practice, or provide guidelines for future research.
Unpublished papers, or papers published after January 1, 2012, must be submitted in English or German language and be delivered to the office address mentioned above not later than January 31, 2015 (two copies required). The submission should focus on one area of speciality. An additional abstract of no more than 300 words should outline the research and the significance of it. In case that the submission is “in cumulo“ (five studies at most) a brief explanation should be provided uniting the presentations together. It is desirable to enclose a letter of support for the award nomination.
An independent jury will evaluate the investigations and nominate the winner. The presentation of the award will take place at the 20th Symposium of the Deutsche Akademie für Photobiologie und Phototechnologie, May 21 to 22, 2015 in Aachen (Germany).

Office address: Dr. Peter Bocionek, c/o JW Holding GmbH, Kölner Straße 8, D-70376 Stuttgart, Germany