ESP Awards

ESP Awards for Excellence in Photobiological Research

On the occasion of the biennial congress, the Executive Committee of the ESP awards a medal to distinguished scientists whose research achievements in Photobiology are internationally acknowledged as outstanding and who have given crucial contributions to ESP activities.

2017 Silvia E. Braslavsky, Miguel A. Miranda, Joan E. Roberts

2015 Vivienne E. Reeve, Evelyne Sage

2013 Kristian Berg, Francesco Ghetti

2011 Jacques Piette, Antony R. Young

2009 Stanley B. Brown, Donat-Peter Häder

2007 Janet F. Bornman, Herbert Hönigsmann

2005 Jean Cadet, Roy H. Pottier

2003 Rex M. Tyrrel, Jan van der Leun

2001 Giulio Jori, Francesco Lenci

1999 Johan Moan, T. George Truscott

1997 Kurt Schaffner, Pill-Soon Song

1995 Brian Johnson, Paul Mathis

1993 Claude Rimington

1991 Hartmut Michel

1989 John D. Spikes, László Szalay

1987 David Shugar, Kendric C. Smith


ESP Young Investigator Award

ESP awards a medal to young researchers (under age 35), who have conducted original research of exceptionally high quality in fields related to photobiology. The awardee is selected by the ESP Education and Training Committee among nominated candidates. The award is presented during the ESP congress, where the awardee gives the opening lecture.

2017 Ilaria Testa

2015 Alex R. Jones

2013 Katie M. Dixon, Abhishek Garg

2011 Scott Byrne

2009 Cristina Flors, Gonzalo Cosa

2007 Virginie Lhiaubet-Vallet

2005 Jean-Yves Matroule

2003 Christoph Abels