Prizes and Awards

Research Award of the Jörg Wolff Foundation

Arnold Rikli Award 2016

For photobiological investigations in relation to human beings, we hereby announce the awarding of the

17. Arnold Rikli Prize

in the amount of 10.000,-- Euro for the year 2016.

The prize was originally awarded by the Institute F. Wolff of Riehen, Switzerland and first established in 1989. Jörg Wolff, the brother of the former sponsor, continues this tradition and the price is announced by the Jörg Wolff foundation every year since 2006.

The submitted reports should cover investigations on biological effects of optical radiation (ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation). The results should show new aspects for diagnostic investigation and/or therapy or provide guidelines for the practical utilization of biologic basics and/or future research with optical radiation.

Unpublished papers, or papers published after January 1, 2014, must be submitted in English or German language and be delivered to the office address mentioned below not later than February 28, 2017 (two copies required). The submission should focus on one area of speciality. An additional abstract of no more than 300 words should outline the research and the significance of it. In case that the submission is “in cumulo“ (five studies at most) a brief explanation should be provided uniting the presentations together. It is desirable to enclose a letter of support for the award nomination.

An independent jury will evaluate the investigations and nominate the winner. The presentation of the award will take place at the Symposium “Biologic Effects of Light”, June 21 to 23, 2017 in Homburg/Saar (Germany).

Office address: Dr. Peter Bocionek, c/o JW Holding GmbH, Kölner Straße 8, D-70376 Stuttgart, Germany