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July 2014 - Special Issue of the ESP Newsletter about the 2014 ESP School

Summer 2014 - Launch of the ESP Newsletter EYEonESP

June 20143rd ESP Photobiology School

March - April 2014 - Evaluation of the applications for the ESP Photobiology School and the Travel Fellowships

February 2014 - Call for application to attend the 3rd ESP Photobiology School - Call for Travel Fellowships to attend Photobiology Conferences in 2014 - Call for the ESP Supplement to the PhD Degree

January 2014 - Meeting of the ESP Executive Committee to evaluate the proposals of the ESP Education Committee and the other work groups.

January 2014 - Kick-off meeting of the Organising Committee of the 2015 ESP Congress to discuss about Scientific Advisory Board's suggestions and congress content.

December 2013 - The ESP Scientific Advisory Board has been asked to give suggestions for the next ESP Congress (Aveiro, Portugal, September 2015).
Please see who are the members of the Scientific Advisory Board.

November 2103 - The web ballot approved the increase in Officer number in the ESP Executive Committee.
Please see who are the members of the Executive Committee.

October 2013 - The ESP President Lesley Rhodes welcomes ESP members and fellow photobiologists for the Society term 2013-2015.
Please read the President's letter.

September 2013 - The 15th Congress of the ESP has been held in Liège (Belgium), from September 2 to September 6, 2013. The high profile Plenary and Keynote talks and the wealth of parallel symposia, alongside the convivial social engagements, can be appreciated through the 2013 conference link. The high quality research of our Young Investigators is illustrated by the joint award to Abhishek Garg (danger signals in PDT-induced anti-cancer immune responses) and Katie Dixon (vitamin D in photoprotection).